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Traffic Insights


Using roadside Smart Sensors and Artificial Intelligence

Using a combination of Bluetooth, WiFi and Image Recognition sensors we are able to monitor traffic flow, congestion, average speed and vehicle classification.


Captured real-time data is run through the Airscan algorithms and presented onto an online management dashboard, viewable alongside air pollution data. This allows for the ability to monitor traffic congestion and the pollution effects on the environment.


Easy to deploy and install

Airscan is easy to deploy and can be installed on any existing street furniture or building. It can also be used in ‘pop-up’ installations and powered using solar and batteries.

Multitude of connection options

Airscan has onboard power regulators to connect to any power source. It also comes with many backhaul communication options including cellular 2G/3G/4G/5G, NB-IOT, LoRaWan, Ethernet, WiFi and Sigfox.

Combine Sensors for a wide range solution

Combine Airscan Traffic sensors with Airscan Air Quality sensors for a full 360 degree solution to identify pollution and traffic congestion.

Diversion Routes

Diversion routes vary in location and route on a night by night basis which means that expensive ANPR equipment cannot be safely and easily positioned.


Colas and Highways England partnered with Airscan on the M3 Smart Motorway project to provide a low-cost solution that calculates journey times and provides real-time accurate information to variable message signs at roadside, whilst also informing works supervisors of any traffic congestion such as that caused by collisions. Airscan proved to be a very successful solution in the management of diversion routes:

Traffic flows, Congestion

Towns and Cities throughout the world are challenged by the growing traffic congestion and the need to better manage the demand of an already limited road space. Airscan installed onto existing street furniture monitors traffic flow in real-time and provides insights such as the busiest times of the day, bi-directional traffic flow, average speeds and vehicle classification.


Hertfordshire CC partnered Airscan with to monitor a busy stretch of road in Hertfordshire, where existing CCTV and ANPR was no longer in use. This enabled the council to get real-time information on the traffic flow along the A1000 24/7.


By gaining these insights this also enables traffic managers to track and understand congestion issues, identify problems that would arise from road closures or predict the impact new housing or retail developments would have on the existing road infrastructure.

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