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Data insights

Airscan’s proprietary global software as a service (SaaS) cloud based platform not only connects to Airscan sensors, but its an open framework that can integrate data from any sensor and existing static monitoring stations.


Providing real-time data from multiple sources on air quality measurements, traffic flows, congestion and noise pollution. Real-time analytics provide valuable insights to traffic managers and environmental managers. Data is also downloadable in any required format or provided as an API feed. Airscan SaaS allows the monitoring and management of networks within an entire city or region from one single view.


Congestion, noise pollution and water quality.


Having access to real-time data will help national and local authorities to assess the effectiveness of air quality improvement measures and also raise awareness and encourage citizens to choose more environmentally friendly transport modes.


Our in-house team of data analysts also build monthly reports highlighting key events.


Our remote access software also enables us to send software updates, view the health of each sensor and baseline where necessary. We manage your network.


At Airscan, we have developed our technology to guarantee the privacy of every individual. Our sensors do not collect any personal data and none of the data we collect can be connected to any individual at all.

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