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About Airscan


Our History

Airscan launched in 2015 by technology founder Julia McNally, Wireless entrepreneur  & pioneer in IoT and Smart City applications. Launched initially to solve diversion route problems on the M3 Smart Motorway project in collaboration with Colas, Balfour Beatty and Highways England. In 2016 with funding from Innovate UK, the Airscan air quality module was created and piloted in Eastleigh.

At our UK Headquarters, we design and develop all our own hardware and software in-house. And we are proud of the platforms we build, all of which have been driven by our client’s needs, not just for technologies sake!

Our growing entrepreneurial team encompasses a wide and valued set of skills, built from many years of experience in working within the wireless industry. This includes in-depth knowledge of RF (Bluetooth, RFID, WiFi, LoRa), Electronics, Hardware and PCB design. Combined with top end Commercial, Sales and Marketing skills.Airscan now provides traffic congestion and air quality monitoring solutions to towns and cities globally.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”- Lord Kelvin

Airscan continues to use new technology and innovation to monitor the environment and improve the health and well-being for all. Our data and air quality modelling will pinpoint air pollution where people live, work and play and inform tailored interventions, drive awareness and more effective policies and ultimately lead to cleaner air.

Working in Partnership with

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