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Summer Traffic Insights

Over the summer, here at Airscan, we started testing some new traffic monitoring devices on a major road in Hertfordshire and the data was extremely interesting. From the graph below, can you guess when the children broke up from school?

From the 21st July to the 10th August, we saw a significant decrease in the overall traffic, and almost non existent heavy goods lorries, and an increase in pedestrians.

Airscan Hertfordshire Data
Airscan Hertfordshire Data

This is a really cost-effective way to monitor cars, lorries, bicycles and pedestrians moving around our roads.

Traffic insights like these display the opportune times to undertake various activities and tasks such as performing maintenance and repairs on roads and other infrastructure without causing major disruptions to commuters. Traffic engineers may also want to adjust traffic signals and signs to optimise traffic flows during low-traffic periods, reducing congestion during busier times.

Deploying a network of our low-cost devices will also give traffic planners valuable insights when they have to close roads for maintenance work, providing data on the impact of the road closure before it occurs.

The data can also enable construction companies to plan projects more efficiently, when they know there is a decrease in traffic, minimising the inconvenience to the public.

Logistic companies could also schedule deliveries and freight operations during periods of reduced traffic to ensure faster and more efficient transportation.

Deploying multiple low-cost traffic counting devices can help researchers and city planners conduct real-time traffic studies, collect data and assess overall road usage patterns.

And, of course, on a healthier note, for individuals looking to stay active, reduced traffic can make it safer and more enjoyable to walk, run or cycle on the roads and streets…less traffic also means lower air pollution. It's essential to make the most of these moments to enhance productivity, safety and quality of life.

Airscan can help you build a network of traffic and air pollution monitors around your towns and cities that will provide valuable insights such as vehicle classification, average speeds, road usage and air pollution - all in real-time.

Interesting to see that the PM2.5 starts to increase as the kids go back to school and people go back to work from 2nd September.

Airscan Air Quality - Potters Bar

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