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Airscan Lite Launch

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

To celebrate Clean Air Day today, we are launching Airscan Lite, an affordable particulate matter air quality sensor monitoring PM1, PM2.5 & 10. It is easy to install, connects directly to your WiFi network, and provides accurate real-time data.

As most government-funded air quality monitors are not on the roadside, but in urban areas, in fields, and nowhere near the pollution source, Airscan Lite allows you to keep your community informed about the quality of the air in your local area by building your own Airscan network. You will receive accurate real-time data on the air that you are breathing in every day. This then allows you to protect your environment and take meaningful environmental action. This could be done by sharing Airscan data with Health Impact Assessments of urban and transport planning projects, or perhaps by addressing ongoing concerns such as the impact of queuing traffic.

Visit our new site to purchase Airscan Lite at

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