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All our hardware is designed and developed here in the UK.


Our enclosures are injection moulded and heavy duty ruggedizes (IP66) rated, 4mm thick, UV rated, UL94-VO fire retarded, protected from dust and capable of withstanding wet weather. CE certified and ROHs compliant.

Suitable for Outdoor and Indoor Use.


Environment Operating Range of -18 to 50 Centigrade

Environment You can choose from a variety of sensors, dependent upon your application.

We use ultra-low noise sensing for gases NO2, SO2, O3, NO, NO2, H2S (ppb)

Photo Ionisation detector (PID) for detecting VOCs with ionisation potentials <10.6eV

Our MCERTS-certified particulate matter (PM) is based on laser scattering and , enables precise measurements for up to 10 years. Accurately measing and reporting PM1, 2.5, 4 & 10.

Airscan also comes with heat, humidity and atmospheric sensors as standard.

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